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Ohio Real Title                           

“We’re not your typical title company. We don’t really fit that mold – at least not by our personality. In a highly competitive industry with all the pitfalls that can occur with financing, we clearly stand out. We call you back. We pick up. We engage. We have the tools to make this process easier and more efficient. We provide calm where sometimes it doesn’t exist. We have a relaxed culture with an open-door policy. We love what we do, and we’re really good at it, and we think it’s important- because everyone deserves an easy, successful transaction during a stressful time.

This is who we are.”

We trust Ohio Real Title to handle all things Title and Escrow Closings for us and our clients. Ohio Real Title provides Title & Escrow Closings for residential and commercial transfers or refinances throughout all of Ohio’s 88 counties. For more information about the Title and Escrow Closing process click here. We have a great Escrow team who we trust with our clients.

Our Escrow Officer is:
Rachel Urbanic
Phone: 234-380-4367
Our Escrow Coordinator is:
John Matic
Phone: 234-380-4367
We know you’ll be in good hands with Ohio Real Title.